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Play 21

Block Puzzle Game

Think quick and move fast! Play 21 combines Solitaire with the rules of traditional Blackjack.

Work against the clock and create stacks of 21 to clear lanes. Compete against other players for the opportunity to win real money!


Block Puzzle Game

HexiBlox is a thrilling new block puzzle game that lets you win real money! Clear as many blocks as you can before the time runs out!

Practice your skills with HexiCoins, then enter matches where real cash prizes are at stake! Entry fees start at $0.15, and in our High Roller matches you can win up to $100!

What we're about

HexiGames is an innovative startup driven by the idea of developing fun and user-friendly mobile games, where players can play to win real money. We provide one of the most groundbreaking Esports platforms on the market, marked by seamless gameplay, remarkable graphics, and the most straightforward deposits and withdrawals in skill-based cash gaming.


Amp up the fun

With HexiGames, experience the thrill of next level mobile gaming. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, and are ready to earn real money playing the games you love, then HexiGames is the choice for you!

The start of something new

The HexiGames team is comprised of passionate, knowledgeable people who come from a variety of backgrounds. First conceived in Sweden in 2018, our founders used their years of experience in the gaming and IT industries to develop and launch HexiGames as a platform to take mobile gaming to the next level.